Shannon Book

Musician, Veteran and Friend
Deliberately Broken

Shannon Book Music

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Musician, Veteran and friend, Shannon Book. You can catch him playing some of his music and even find some of his current releases on Facebook or his website Deliberately Broken.

Shannon was Born and raised in the small town of Hazel Green, KY, and grew up with a great appreciation of music. He expressed that appreciation both vocally and by playing various musical instruments throughout his life.

Feeling an urgency to serve his country after Desert Storm, He joined the United States Navy in July of 1994 and trained as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman at the Naval School of Health Sciences in San Diego, Field Medical Service School, Camp Pendleton, CA. He served as Corpsman in two combat deployments in Iraq: the first in 2003 with 2nd Battalion 1st Marines as part of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Iraq and again in 2004 during Vigilant Resolve as the Regimental Combat Team 1, Personal Security Detachments Corpsman. To help relieve the stresses of combat and deployment felt by both him and others in his unit, He would play guitar and sing during down time…and most importantly, began to write his own music about how he and his brothers felt about their experiences.

After returning home from his 2nd deployment, He served as an instructor at the Field Medical Training Battalion at Camp Johnson, NC, and worked to insure that students could perform their jobs under the pressures of combat.
In 2010 he retired as a Petty Officer First Class with seventeen years of service to the United States Navy, (fifteen of which he served as a grunt with the Marine Corp). He was retired due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

He is working on a complete collection of original songs reflecting his time in combat, injuries (both physical and emotional), and living with the aftermath of war. He hopes his music will help to educate military families and civilians, as well as help to heal those that have shared in some of the same experiences. He wants to help make a difference in the world as a veteran. He was the lead vocalist/lyricist and rhythm guitar player for the band Vetted. Now it’s time for him to write a new chapter of his story. One that involves God, family, hope, happiness, healing, respect, love, and music.