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Below you may find some answer about me, our show and possibly a few technical solutions. If you are unable to find an answer, all that is left is for you to contact me.

1.What is Live Life Podcast?

The truth is, I created a slogan I like to live by: "Live Life, Don't Let Life Live You!" (TM) - Circa 1986 by me, Mark Wariner - I have been for years trying to teach others how to live a little better. After serving so many clients and people, I decided it was time for me to bring in straight to you and bring you some very awesome people I have met and show you hands on how they live this great life.  So Live Live Podcast was created in March 2020

2.What does Live Life, Don't Let Life Live You! mean?

Simple yet complicated, it means what it says. Live Life, you have to breathe, see, hear and eat to function and you have learned to do that well because you have to. What is complicated is how you go about doing those thing. If the life is living you, then you must be unhappy, depressed, sad or just down right emotionally closed off from your true self. You have control, and only you can change that. So make the choice to change, make the choice to be happy. Sit down for a moment, take a deep breathe and realize only you can actually change the direction and how you feel.  That's my 2 cents in this definition, others may see this differently.

3.What is the direction of this podcast?

Over the years I have met some amazing people. It is time you met those people and hear their stories and see for yourself why they live great lives, see for yourself how they work with society and most important hear from them directly why they do what they do. I am just starting out and have 4 pilots during the covid pandemic. January 2021 will be the actual release of this show.

4.Where can I find the show or podcast?

This is a great question many will ask from time to time. To be honest, here on the website will be all video and audio recordings after the show aired. To see them LIVE, you will need to visit our Facebook or YouTube channels. We will have the podcast available in early 2021 on other podcast platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify etc etc...



5.We love the show. How can I become a sponsor?

Totally cool that you like our little show. We have many options for you to sponsor. All you need to do is click this link and fill out the info and I will get back to you, typically the same day. From there we talk about your options and get you set for the next show!

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