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Episode #0006 with Urshel Lee Metcalf

Can you believe this is episode #0006 already???

On this episode I bring in a friend, colleague and all around great guy. Oh and he is a former Marine, duh! I had this wild idea planed for this show and when we started the conversation, we had a few laughters and it was like the energizer bunny, we kept on talking and talking and talking.  That was ok with us because we had so much to share. 

During the show I decided to pull the ole one word ask, one word answer trick. Urshel did really well but I stumped him on a few. (go watch it). We laughed a little more than usual, in the end, the answers were perfect.

I can’t say thank you enough to Urshel for taking a moment in time to be on this show and share his heart and thoughts. 

Episode 6 is in the books, now before you do anything else, WATCH THE SHOW!! GO!

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Episode #0005 Today I show you the website

Man I must start off to tell you how cool it is to finally get something done, completed, finished. On this episode I discuss the process and completion of this website.

After many years thinking about this idea of a podcast, it finally happened. If I could go back and tell myself something important, I would suggest to just do it. If you thinking and feel good about it, then do it. Trust your gut and heart. Don’t overthink of the idea, but have passion and do not try to be perfect, no one is perfect. That all being said, find that trust deep inside, turn off the noise and just do it. 

At the end of the day, this episode was just about sharing the website and future ideas. Hope you enjoy. 

See you on the next episode. 

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Come hang out

You read it correctly...Let's hang out

This Friday at January 22nd, 2021, join me ON-LINE for a hang out party on my virtual, just you and me. Well any of that wish to attend. Will not be a long show. 

For this episode of Live Life, we are going to open the floor up and discuss multiple topics. Feel free to chime in a ask any question, and here is something new for you. If you want to JOIN IN LIVE, then reach out to me in the comments and I will send you a link to join in as a guest to answer your question and talk about it. 

Ok, so here’s the catch…No catch. I just want to take a few moments to  GO LIVE and hang out with you for a few moments. 

Technically this will be Episode 004, but no guest scheduled. So who will join me?

Now the second part of this blog is to update you:

  •  Website is almost done
  • Podcast audio to many platforms is in the works
  • Guests are being schedule. In fact Urshel Lee Metcalf is Scheduled for Monday the 25th of January 2021. Just a few days away actually. Check out the schedule as I update it.
  • Live streaming page was created and it will show our live videos from YouTube when we are live. 
  • And last but certainly not the very last, our newsletter service is up. We already sent our first one out last week. Sign up today!

Short blog folks, but to the point so as not to bore you with jibber jabber. LOL.  So mark your calendars to join me this Friday the 22nd at 12pm CST (1pm est) and then on Monday the 25th, join me and my guest Urshel Lee Metcalf from UR Optimized

Tha tha that’s all folks. Till next time, be sure to breathe and enjoy the air and life around you, keep in your mind, #bethechange

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Live Life Intro Audio

Beginning in January 2021, this will be the intro to the show, Live Life Podcast.

Many years back I had the idea of how life should be lived but along the way, you find out that life somehow manages to live you at times.

Trademarked the motto in which I try to live by:
“Live Life, Don’t Let Life Live You!”

I always say you have control of your life and you only have one to live to live it the best you can. We seem to overthink this life at time and we get in our own way. We forget to trust ourselves. Instead we got with the flow and think we will just fix that one in the future. We all do that. Some manage to change on a daily basis and other change when the going gets tough. Rarely do people change when the going is good. But that should not stop you. This goes back to how you think about you. You know the saying, you do you and I will do me? That’s true in this life, you do you, you control you, you be you and don’t waste time worrying about the woulda shoulda coulda. Forget about the past, you can not and never will be able to change that. An how’s this for a humdinger of a thought, you can not change the future, meaning you can not change tomorrow. All you can do, is change right now! What you do right now will change tomorrow and your future. Let that thought sit in a for a moment and maybe, just maybe you will now realize you really do have control. So the question is, how much control do you have?

At the end of the day, if the life is living you and your not happy. Change it now! Not tomorrow, not next week or in the future. Change it now! And instead when you do change it, you will not be living the life you so deserve and tell the past to take a hike. Oh and one last thing, breathe, and take deep slow breaths, getting upset and angry changes nothing, it only changes you on the outside which controls you on the outside. Remember what I said, only you have control. – Mark Wariner 01/02/2021

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Happy New Year 2021

Here we are folks. 2021. Great things will happen for a lot of us, and some of us will still have some bad times to get through. Focus on you and your family every day. Remember to breathe and exhale.
This year you have options. Your destination is on the road ahead of you. It’s up to you to make that happen. Be you, don’t overthink the problem. Relax and think postive vibes for you. The thing is simple, focus on you first. If you don’t focus on you, then your destination will be harder to reach. It’s not always about setting goals. Sometimes it about focusing on what matters, even focus on actually changing your heart, your mind and your soul. 
Here’s to new adventures, new beginnings, and most of a new you!


2021 happy new year