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Episode #0004 with Missi Trantham

After taking a much-needed break, I took some time to prepare for Podcast Episode #4. Today’s guest was Missi Wilson, Um er, sorry about that. She will now be called Missi Trantham. She got married since I last spoke to her. (Congrats Missi)

A couple of things were discussed today. One, my show and what it is all about. And Two, all about Missi. A force to be reckoned with, the blonde that she is, she is launching or I actually should say re-launching her show. Previously her show was called Missinformed and was with KVGI Radio. And she still is technically, but re-launching, the show will be called, Missinformed Texas and it will be on the KVGI Media network.

In this episode we discussed the future of my show, Live Live, and when and how to find Missi’s new show coming soon. If you are interested you will have to go listen! (sorry not sorry)

Watch the show below. You may also listen via podcast audio at the bottom of this page. The list of all my previous shows is there (Soon to be on other platforms) OR you can find the podcast show via YouTube too. You have options, you choose to watch or listen when you’re ready.